A Proven System for Greater Success

Without the Hustle or the Stress

You did it! You started a business with nothing more than a dream and a willingness to roll up your sleeves. You made it up as you went, and now you’re leading your very own multi-million dollar business. You should be feeling amazing.

So why are you not jumping for joy? 

Because now, for some reason, you seem to be working harder and harder, dealing with more and more stress, and spending less and less time with your family. But what do you have to show for all this extra effort?

If all that work doesn’t equal a lot more profit in your pocket, then what’s the point?

  • Does your company not feel as agile as it once did?
  • Are you working harder than ever, but not getting a return?
  • You are confused about how to move forward?
It’s not your fault. Every successful founder finds themselves in this same position. It happens not because you did something wrong but because you did something right. You chose the path of hands-on hustle, which is exactly why you succeeded. But now it’s exactly what’s getting in the way.

Unlock the Capacity to Scale

Scaling isn't about growing faster. It's about removing the limiter altogether so you can grow as big as your market will allow and stay in control every step of the way. You don't have to ride the wave any longer. You get to make the waves.

Expand Your Operations

The key to explosive growth is to replicate your success in new or larger markets. You'll learn how to balance vision, execution, and systematization. When you do, you'll be able to profitably open new locations and expand into new markets with ease.

Create New Revenue Opportunities

Say goodbye to hoping for 10-20% revenue increases, and get ready to 10x. With the right infrastructure in place, you'll be able to rapidly AND sustainably increase revenue.

Reduce Costs

How much is confusion, infighting, rework, or late deliveries costing you? To scale, you need a way to systematically overcome the complexity that is driving cost overruns across the company.

Increase Profit While You Grow

Just about anyone can increase revenue OR decrease costs, but the real magic happens when you do both simultaneously. Using one unified system, you'll be able to stop the bleeding internally and open the door for new opportunities externally.

Start Dreaming Again

We'll break through the monotony and create a structure that allows others to carry the load giving you time to focus and space to dream again. We'll also build your staff's capacity to execute on your vision and move your business forward.

Tame Your Inbox

Many founders and CEOs find themselves buried under tons of information and exhausted by decision-making overload. You'll be able to let go of all that pressure and share the load with your senior team and managers as well.

Enjoy More of Your Time

Take a vacation and actually take a vacation. Unplug. Rest. Enjoy yourself. When you get back a week (or even a month) later, you'll find the business better than you left it. There is nothing more freeing for a founder!

Skip the fancy-but-useless consulting fads that look great on paper but don't work in the real world. Stop learning every lesson the hard way. Say goodbye to the false choice of growth OR profit and say hello to more of both. Stop wondering if this is a good as it gets and finally get a complete system for scaling your business!

Over the course of six full-day sessions, I'll walk you and your team through my proven process to generate greater success without the stress. Together, we'll tackle all 5 key scale issues that founders face and so you can build a company that finally has the capacity to scale to whatever size you want!

Discovery Session

Set your company on a new path

In this powerful and thought-provoking session, you'll discover exactly what's been holding you back from the next iteration or the next evolution of hassle-free growth. 
  • Identify what's holding you back
  • Empower your leadership team
  • Create an action plan
  • and so much more...

Action Session #1

Solve your people problems

You don't have to feel like this guy! We are going to eliminate confusion and ambiguity within your organization and lay a scalable foundation.
  • Know exactly who you need to hire
  • Maximize your capacity
  • End all the bickering
  • and so much more...

Action Session #2

Take your leaders to the next level

It's time to feel the stress melt away as you discover your personal blueprint for building the high-capacity team you need to succeed as a leader. 
  • Put an end to leadership dysfunction
  • Create a decision drumbeat 
  • Remove the pressure
  • and so much more...

Action Session #3

Overcome toxic departmental silos

Now it's time to bring back the synergies your company seems to have lost. We’ll get all your teams and departments working together. 
  • Get back your agility 
  • Eliminate infighting 
  • Free up your leadership team
  • and so much more...

Action Session #4

Align every person and every action

Most companies fail to translate vision into action and waste time running in different directions. You can make more progress than you have in the last five years.

Action Session #5

Truly empower your people

At this stage everything is ready to go, all we need to do is fire it up. It's time to reap the rewards of all the hard work as you rocket to the next level.
  • Empower your employees
  • focus on what you do best
  • Enjoy the company you've built 
  • and so much more...


Before Scott Ritzheimer became known as the Capacity Architect for helping business owners build some of the most successful companies in the country, he had to first figure out how to do it himself. After starting a business at the age of 21 with nothing but a hope and a dream, he and his business partner quickly realized there was no handbook for building a successful business. 

Over the course of the next decade, he learned just how hard and how rewarding owning and running a business can be and found one thing to be true. As your company grows, your leadership and strategy have to change too.

He now saves founders years of headache, heartache, and lost opportunity, by walking them through his proven system for achieving unparalleled success without all the stress that usually comes with it.
If you’ve tried business coaching before, you’ve noticed that most providers work on a month-to-month basis, with open-ended engagements and no clear deliverables. This is usually because they have difficulty finding clients themselves, so they hold onto the ones they have for dear life. Unfortunately, this often leads to them becoming a leech on the very businesses they are paid to help.

Scott works with a limited number of clients at a time, on focused short-term engagements, with clearly outlined deliverables. By the end of these targeted sessions, you’ll walk out with your entire strategy to scale your business and get an incredible ROI. There is no need for Scott to continue charging you beyond that, as you’ll have everything you need to sustain your momentum and continue to rapidly grow.
"How do I put it all in words? Scottie has helped me grow StartCHURCH from a dream and a hope into a highly successful company on a national scale. He helped me create a clear strategy, build a strong leadership team, and get everyone working together toward our common goals. At every step along the way, his gift for bringing clarity gave us exactly what we needed to know exactly what to do next. He’s a talented leader and one of my most trusted advisors. If you want to see your company grow beyond bigger and faster than you believe is possible, trust me when I say he can make it possible for you, just like he did for me."

Raul Rivera, Founder of StartCHURCH
"At a time when our ministry needed serious organizational help, Scott was able to come into our environment, understand our needs, and skillfully direct us into an entirely new iteration of organizational structure. His ability to comprehend an organization’s ethos and then work with them to create clarity of purpose is exceptional. I wholeheartedly recommend Scott Ritzheimer to your organization, his input will transform your approach to leadership and management."

Billy Humphrey, Founder of Gatekeepers International
Scott really validated and confirmed a lot of things I was sensing about my business, but couldn’t put a name to. Now we have a roadmap and know potential downfalls to be aware of. Valuable, game-changing information for any business owner!"

Hugh Henderson, Founder of Capstone Hospice
I heard Scott present some concepts from Predictable Success, and they really changed my mindset with a few perspective shifts. He did a great job connecting with who we are and where we are and helping us discover where we need to go!

Chris Cushman, Partner at Legacy Planning Advisors

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